Future of Design for Humanity

2018 will become a new chapter for Design For Humanity.

Since our inception in 2015, we have evolved to become a platform for positive change, by delivering impact and realizing social innovation. 

Of course we shall continue to raise awareness for social design and connecting young problem solvers with problem owners in order to create and realize new solutions for social challenges and deliver our mission: Value for Humanity!

However, we are going to do things a bit different…

Our goal?

More scale, more reach, more impact and better connections between you and humanities challenges.

Please keep following us!

We will keep you informed and ask for your feedback and input on our new plans for the future. We need testing and refining before they are ready to be shared with the world. And… we want to do this with you.

In the meantime, we’ll keep working on actualizing projects from the hackathon ‘Designing Democracy’.

Thank you for the past year and we look forward to the new chapter,

The DFH team