The world has become more and more complex. There are many wicked problems for which we cannot find easy solutions. For example, how do we solve solitude? How do we deal with the arrival of refugees? Does our democracy still work? Traditional ways of thinking are no longer a suitable answer to these issues. Usually there is no clear problem definition, there are many stakeholders in the game and there is no single problem owner to designate.

Design for Humanity believes that optimism, empathy and a great deal of creativity can lead to social innovation! We therefore connect young designers and creatives to organizations with a specific social challenge. We work together to find practical and sustainable solutions. Design for Humanity believes in experimenting and learning and that we just have to start somewhere. Let’s look at what’s possible and do it. Don’t debate, ideate.


It all started with the Refugee Hackaton during the Dutch Design Week in 2015, initiated by VANBLEND and Total Identity. Almost 100 young designers came together to cocreate more than 150 new solutions for the refugee crisis. This was the starting point from about 10 innovative projects ánd the beginning of Design for Humanity Foundation.


Design for Humanity Foundation was founded on September 8, 2016. Currently we are a team of 6. Together we work on becoming a platform for governments, policy makers, organizations, volunteers, entrepreneurs and the knowledge and skills of highly motivated young designers. It’s hard work, great fun and never a dull moment!

Corien te Brummelstroete
program manager

Marije Willemsen
social designer

Anne Gelderland
project assistant

Guido Jilderda
founder & chairman

Frans van Hout

Stijn van Diemen


De doelstelling volgens de statuten van Stichting Design for Humanity luidt als volgt:

De stichting heeft ten doel: het zich inzetten voor complexe vraagstukken in het sociale domein die een grote, ontregelende invloed hebben op individuen én de maatschappij, alsmede het ondersteunen van de overheid, hulporganisaties, ondernemers in het sociale domein, zodat complexe vraagstukken effectiever aangepakt kunnen worden met slimme, goed ontworpen werkwijzen, services of producten, en voorts al hetgeen met één en ander rechtstreeks of zijdelings verband houdt of daartoe bevorderlijk kan zijn, alles in de ruimste zin des woords. De stichting beoogt niet het maken van winst.

Stichting Design for Humanity
Joannes J.F. Waplaan 16
3571 AW Utrecht


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