Celeste is part of our community since the very start. After participating in the creative hackathon ‘The Refugee Challenge’ in 2015, she developed ‘Lost in Chaos’, a project which consists of two concepts that aim to keep families and groups of refugees together during their fleeing journey. She just returned from a trip to Mozambique, working on a project that aims to empower children and communities in Mozambique through technical education and entrepreneurship. Read her own words below.


“There is always a way to translate your skills into something meaningful for other life beings”

With caution and delicacy, opening the water gun’s housing removing the piece of balloon that had blocked the exit and continue playing with the rest of kids. Knotting the cord as seen before on a Macramé class, creating a beautiful hanging holder for the new plant my father had given to my mother. With waste materials around there, building a playing ground for the animals of the dog pound in my village. Little Celeste from years ago already enjoyed from the same things I do now.

Create. That is what I like most.

By trying and doing I keep learning, sometimes succeeding at the very first time and other times needing to hold on until getting to the wanted results. Trying to help change things and make an impact give me the motivation to put more effort on it, knowing I am giving my little bit from all what I have received back to society and the environment.

Engineers Without Borders

After finishing my bachelor as an industrial design engineer, I participated in a project where I could use my skills as a designer to improve the situation of people in low-resourced settings. I joined the organization Engineers Without Borders to work on ‘Schools of the Future’, a project that aims to empower children and communities in Mozambique through technical education and entrepreneurship. We are willing to provide resources for transferring technology to developing communities through workshops that spark teens’ interest and joy in science and technology by using practical and fun toolboxes.

This joy is not just being shared with Mozambican students and communities, but also in the Netherlands where students are helping the team to create the perfect toolkits for the workshops during ‘flash internships’. Letting the user participate during the creation and development of a project gives the right input to achieve the best results.


In May 2017 I headed to Mozambique for the first time with three other members of the organization to bring technology to the young students there. That was one of the most beautiful and impacting experiences that I ever had. It is like a gift that I carry with me and always motivates me being the best part of myself in my professional life as a designer but also personally as a human and citizen of the earth. The project got reshaped after the first pilot allowing it to have a higher impact in future iterations thanks to the feedback of the students and to the experiences in field.

It does not matter which profession and discipline you have chosen to be expert at, there is always a way to translate your skills into something meaningful for other life beings. As a designer, a financial advisor or as a gardener, we all can give the gift of sharing.

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More adventures and projects are running. If you want to stay tuned about it, discuss about a specific topic or get in touch with me do not hesitate to contact me though one of the channels. I’m always happy to get in touch with new people! Also read more about my project Lost in chaos I have designed for Design for Humanity.

E-mail: celeste@scharrenberg.net
LinkedIn: Celeste Scharrenberg Arcos


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