Graduation project Simone

It is time for a small intermezzo. Last Friday the Demoday took place at the Industrial Design faculty of the TU/e.

Gathering feedback

During this day, which is organized towards the end of each semester, all students exhibit the results of the projects they have been working on. The exhibition setting allows for gathering lots of feedback from teachers, coaches, and other students, but also from external guests.

Since I worked on the preparation of my final master project during this semester, I did not have a finished design to show. Instead, I showed my intermediate results through a prototype and a storyboard. I further displayed my process on a leaflet, pointing out the steps I took and the design decisions I’ve made. I was happy to receive positive, constructive feedback that can help to further refine my concept.

The real strength of the Demoday

Although any opportunity to receive feedback is welcome, I believe the real strength of this Demoday lies elsewhere. During the project, feedback often comes from people who already know, at least a bit, about the project. With these people, for example, coaches, clients, and stakeholders, one often has a private meeting, during which there is plenty of time to explain, defend and convince. This is quite different from the exhibition setting of the Demoday. People’s attention has to be drawn by what is displayed on the table and within a minute or two one has to be able to explain the entire concept. Because of this, I believe that preparing for the Demoday is time well spent on sharpening the story and increasing focus. This not only strengthens the presentation at the exhibition, it also steers the design process to put the most energy on the essential parts of the concept.

In my next post, we will be back on the Design Thinking track, describing the process that brought me here. After the empathizing and defining phase that I wrote about before, the first ideas for a concept started to appear. More on that next week!



Hi! My name is Simone and I’m a master student at the department of Industrial Design at the TU Eindhoven. For my graduation project I am working together with Design for Humanity in their quest on Designing Democracy. Through a series of small blog posts I will try to take you along my design journey, following the steps of the Design Thinking process.