Design for Humanity is powered by VANBLEND, an innovation strategy and execution firm

Founding partner Design For Humanity

It all started in the summer of 2015. Guido Jilderda and Frans van Hout – founders of VANBLEND, a groundbreaking innovation strategy and execution firm – asked themselves this one question: “What if we use the same tools that proved to be effective in solving business challenges in the corporate world to approach disruptive social challenges? And what if, it is therefore possible to create positive change and bring to life the best future imaginable by breaking existing patterns of the past and design the future we all really want?”

This led to the first Design for Humanity social innovation event: The Refugee Hackathon – an event they organized and shaped almost single handedly! In two years time they witnessed the growth of Design for Humanity into a professional organization that stands it’s own ground. VANBLEND and Design for Humanity are – and will always be! – still tightly connected by our shared core values.

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