The method Design for Humanity employs to support and assist creative students in creating social innovation is called ‘Design Thinking’.

This method exists out of six fases:

1. Empathize

2. Define

3. Ideate

4. Prototype

5. Test

6. Implement


At the foundation of this method lies the belief that the people who experience the social, wicked problems firsthand, hold the key to creating effective and sustainable solutions. That’s why the very first step of Design Thinking is gaining a deep understanding of these people, their needs, desires and situations. This understanding forms the base on which the other five steps will be carried out.

We believe this focus on ‘the human factor’ is one of the factors that makes Design Thinking a great method for solving social, wicked problems.


Want to experiment with design thinking? Come to the kick-off of our new program Designing Democracy. On July 10, we organize an event in Pakhuis de Zwijger to exhange experiences and knowledge about democracy ánd we learn what design thinking could mean in developing solutions for democractic challenges.